Nicole & Austin - Sunol's Casa Bella

Venue Location: Sunol's Casa Bella Event Center | Videography: Swannworks Films | Flowers: East Bay Flower Company | Hair & Makeup: Bridal Muah | DJ: Nappa Valley DJ | Cake: Primrose Bakery

A Brave New World

In the wake of a Covid-19 world, socially distant weddings have become the norm. As we navigate our way through what is possible, given the circumstances, we've gone from canceled nuptials to last-minute backyard ceremonies, so it was refreshing to be working with the couple at a venue like Sunol's Casa Bella Event Center in picturesque Sunol, CA.

Nicole, Austin, and their families went above and beyond just "making the best of things" with this beautiful wedding. In Love vs. Covid-19, it was a win for Love on this uplifting September day.

You can always tell the true nature of people right before their wedding. True, a wedding can be a stressful thing, but you wouldn't know it when working with such a beautiful couple. Nicole was vibrant and full of laughter. As she anticipated the big days' events, she seemed more excited than nervous.

From Austin's last name sewn into the dress to her grandmother's handkerchief in the bridal bouquet, the personal details weren't left behind. The team at Bridal Muah added to the bright, energetic morning as they created soft but stunning hair and makeup looks.

Spending time with the groom, Austin, it was easy to see that he is funny, confident, and very much in love with Nicole. You can feel that vibrating from him as the ceremony draws closer. He finds a gift from Nicole and immediately changes into it. Now, the personal details aren't lost on him either, and their dog will be a part of their union via his new socks.

The Ceremony

You can pack a lot of love into a short and to-the-point ceremony with the right couple and Austin and Nicole's elegant, socially-distanced altar. Austin shed a few tears as his wife-to-be walked down the aisle and the warmth felt by friends and family filled the space as they paid witness to the couple's vows exchange.

Their first steps as a married couple seemed to give off the energy of two people who couldn't wait to cross over the threshold into the rest of their lives together.

Just outside of the venue was a train station and some beautiful Sunol country roads. These provided the perfect backdrops to this very fun couple. They could have been anywhere, though, and they would've only have had eyes for each other.

They were comfortable and relaxed during the photos and seemed very natural as each shot was interrupted by and filled with kissing and hugs. Their love for each other was palpable, and they're not embarrassed to show it.

The Reception

The staff at Sunol's Casa Bella Event Center crafted a magical evening with the ambiance they made. There was a nod to old-fashion romance with modern touches that paired well with this loving and playful group. The crowd gave a cheer as Nicole and Austin made their grand entrance as husband and wife.

Everything from the outstanding dinner to the first dance was joyous and sweet. The delicious cake made by Primrose Bakery had tasteful elements of the wedding theme tied into its decorations. Overall, Austin and Nicole's big day was just what everyone needed; to be transported to a beautiful setting where nothing but champagne and love flowed. Cheers to the gracious couple.

Their Love Story

As Nicole tells it, the two met on Bumble in 2018 while Austin was living in Baltimore and she was living in downtown DC. They had their first date sightseeing and hanging out at the Washington monument. They talked for hours, covered everything from wanting to eventually live in a lake house, politics, and how we’d raise children. It was definitely an intense first date. Less than a year later Austin proposed to Nicole, and she said yes!

About two months later, Austin deployed with the Navy to Africa for a year. While he was away, Nicole bought and moved them into their first house together that he had never seen before. They definitely started off early with completely trusting each other. Thankfully he loves the house, almost as he loves her. 

Overall, Austin and Nicole's big day was just what everyone needed; to be transported to a beautiful setting where nothing but champagne and love flowed. Cheers to the gracious couple!

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